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๐Ÿ“˜ RP Glossary



This section outlines Role Play various terms.

Understanding these terms is crucial, as none of the activities described are allowed on our platform.

Be aware that this is not an exhaustive list of actions that could result in penalties.

Exercise good judgment and consider the underlying implications of specific rules like abusing game mechanics.

  • OOC Out of character. Speaking in a real life context.

  • Powergaming Roleplaying with mechanics / abilities that do not exist.

  • Cop Baiting Intentionally enticing law enforcement into any form of RP.

  • SuicideRP Messaging services you are going to kill yourself to initiate RP.

  • Metagaming Using information obtained outside the bounds of your character to benefit your roleplay knowledge, where otherwise they would have no knowledge of such information.

  • FearRP You must value your life and RP any fear as you would have it in real-life.

  • Value of Life Similar to FearRP in that you should act in a way that values your life and welfare.

  • Lootboxing Searching and taking the majority of a person's belongings without logical RP reason.

  • ShitRP Roleplay which is not of a quality to allow others to be able to interact with a person or situation constructively.

  • FailRP A broad term but is generally when a player does something which in the real world wouldn't be considered by most.

  • HitmanRP To engage in a transaction in which money, goods, or services are traded in exchange for the death or injury of another player.

  • RDM Random Deathmatch. Attempting to kill or killing another player with no, or minimal, roleplay, initiation or reason.

  • Griefing Co-ordinating purposeful intent to ruin the experience of the server for other players.

  • VDM Vehicle Deathmatch. Using a vehicle as a weapon in an attempt to injure or kill another player with no, or minimal, roleplay, initiation or reason.

  • NLR New life rule. You cannot remember any details after being ICU'd for the purpose of seeking or causing revenge, conflict or retribution of any sort.

  • ORP Driving Driving on terrain unsuitable for that vehicle, using jumps, driving at clearly excessive speeds through the city for no good reason etc.

  • Combat Logging Exiting the server to avoid combat, player interaction, danger or death. If you involve yourself in a situation, you must see it through entirely.