Survive the Unknown Embrace the rogue

DayZ server where survival meets adventure! Join a thriving community of survivors navigating a carefully balanced world of challenge and excitement. Engage in intense PvP encounters, collaborative base-building, and thrilling scavenging missions across a diverse landscape. With dedicated admins, unique events, and a focus on player-driven experiences, Rogue X offers a dynamic and immersive DayZ gameplay unlike any other.
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Join our DayZ server and Discord community today!

Look no further than Rogue X! Step into the excitement with our custom casino games and jackpots, where fortune favors the bold. 

Test your luck and win big while surviving the post-apocalyptic landscape! Arm yourself with an impressive arsenal of custom weapons and unique clothing options.

Our Products

We offer Skin packages and Prio Que in the shop.

Queue Priority

When the server is full, you get a queue priority meaning you get put ahead of the queue.

Custom Clan Tag

Enhance your DayZ clan’s identity with our custom clan tag colors!

Custom Clothing Skins

Revamp your DayZ survivor style with our exclusive custom clothing skins. Stand out, stay protected, and express yourself in the apocalypse with our meticulously crafted designs. Upgrade your look today!

Stand out from the crowd, coordinate your team effortlessly, and assert your dominance in the apocalypse!

Our Server

Unleash Your Rogue

The Base Building Plus mod for DayZ revolutionizes your gameplay by introducing advanced construction options. Craft stronger fortifications, erect complex structures, and fortify your stronghold with an array of new building materials and design options.

Descend into a new level of survival with the Underground Bunker mod for DayZ! Explore the depths of strategic hiding and security by constructing hidden subterranean shelters. Escape the dangers of the surface and create an impenetrable underground haven.

Take to the skies with an array of enhanced helicopter options, featuring advanced controls, improved mechanics, and customizable features. Master the art of flight, navigate the post-apocalyptic landscape, and dominate the skies.